Did she just summon a Duel Monsters card?!?

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“What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.”

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                                                     |Behind the Mask|

Muse A and Muse B dspise each other. The mere sight of them at work/school/local establishment turns their stomach into knots of rage. More than eye contacts sends them into wild, barbarous jeers on everything from their clothes to the way their teeth are shaped.

One day, their work/school/local establishment, decides to hold a masquerade ball for charity and the like. Muse A and B, deciding it would be fun, attend. Separately, of course.

With their masks on Muse A and B become completely different people, their true selves, and the chemistry is incredible. They dance and talk and even kiss at nights end, all like a fairy tale. But as the clock strikes midnight, as it were, they both have to go home with promises to meet each other again.

But both are afraid that the fantasy of the night won’t live up to reality, and their dream person won’t be or think they are such a dream anymore in the day light. Conflicted but still interested, Muse A and B agonize over seeing the other again, all the while unaware that their ‘true love’ is the person the seem to hate.

Option 2: Muse B has always been secretly attracted to Muse A, but their hostility has always made them not act on their feelings. The ball and the masks gives them the courage to act, but they are heartbroken to find out that Muse A has no idea it was them that night.

Option 3: Muse A is aware it was Muse B, but it too afraid to say anything. 

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i have queued this post for 12:00 AM, October 1st, to inform those who are awake that it is 12:00 AM, October 1st, and that Halloween is in exactly 30 days

my brother literally has a cosplay unit in one of his classes. its literally “cosplay” not costume. hhe has a fuckgin, coslplay unit and his assisgnment is to make a cosply by hallowee ims o fckgk



you know what really gets my goat?

el chupacabra

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inigoh is gay

finally a blog dedicated to me

Anonymous whispered: ur gay